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Sex, Explained

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

This series on Netflix should be shown in every high school sex education class in the US. With episodes dedicated to sexual fantasies, attraction, birth control, fertility and childbirth, this series addresses the history, research & science in a straightforward and nonjudgmental way and interview some of the current leading experts in the field of sexuality & reproductive rights. They also managed to get the perfect reassuring narrator for this series....Janelle Monae! There are a few people interviewed in this documentary like Jonathan Lehmiller, author of "Tell Me What You Want", sex researcher Lisa Diamond and Loretta Ross, advocate & author of "Reproductive Justice: An Introduction" that are well recognized as some of the most important voices in sexology and reproductive rights today. Normalizing kinks, fantasies, and the vast spectrum and array of human sexuality preferences and pleasures, this series is one I would recommend for anyone that seeks more comfort & fluency in talking about sexuality. It is also helpful to understand the history of reproductive justice in this country.

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