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Trans Kids: Being gendered in the Twenty-First Century

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

This book is a beautifully & respectfully rendered interview-based ethnographic study of the first generation of families supporting and affirming their gender non-conforming and transgender children. Tey Meadows draws from sociology, philosophy, psychology, and sexuality studies to aid in painting a multi-dimensional account of this complex process for families and children. It also illuminates the very nature of the experience of being gendered socially, biologically and psychologically.

Gender theorist, Judith Butler writes about this book, "This is an excellent sociological engagement with trans kids, their families, schools, the clinics they encounter, the vocabulary that constrains them and the new languages that give them hope for a better and more livable world. Tey Meadow shows how engaged and committed ethnographic work with trans kids means entering into their worlds, tracking not only the way they see themselves, but how they are treated and named by a wide range of social institutions. Most exhilarating is the way that Meadow lets us see the profound changes that become possible once repressive theories, insistent on developmental failure or pathology, are replaced with more affirmative and descriptive ways of understanding gender. Gender is made by a wide range of agents, including parents, some of whom have had to wrestle with how their own closed categories create problems for their children. Increasingly, Meadow shows, trans-affirmative models of healthcare have not only produced greater knowledge, but dissipated the pathology against which trans kids have to struggle. This work shows us how stories are social actions, how description can let us understand the lived struggle of trans kids as they find themselves defined within any number of social forms. In this book, new stories makes for new knowledge and new forms of care. A thoughtful work that helps brings an expansive sensibility into the world.” #transkids #acceptanceisprotection #teymeadow #nonbinary #lgbtqia #translivesmatter

For more on Tey Meadows and their work, click the book image shown below.

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